So I’ve had a few ideas in the last week or so about potential info graphic subjects and I would love some opinions on them to help me out if anyone has any!


T2 Teas:

This idea would involve collecting data regarding bestselling tea products at a T2 store. I’d first research which products these are, followed by what they are made up of (tea leaves, flavours etc) and finally how to brew each individual tea. The infographic would therefore work on three levels but could be fairly easy to understand visually as the idea is simple (it would literally just be a matter of explaining the instructions that come on the packs of tea leaves visually). I imagine the design to be simplistic, modern and classy, as if to fit the visual branding that T2 already has. I think I would explain the ingredients etc. using images of them rather than words also, seeing as the concept in its entirety is so simple.


My Flatmates’ Supermarket Priorities:

This idea is slightly more complex but data collection could be quite fun! I have four flatmates and I’d like to try giving them $20 each to shop at Countdown one week for “whatever they want to have in the house” and see what happens. Hopefully, each supermarket selection will speak volumes about their personalities and individual priorities (I feel like at least one of my flatmates will try to get the most stuff he can with the set amount whilst another will probably choose to buy a few extravagant things). I think the whole thing will be fun and would probably depict my flatmates as silhouettes, provide statistical information about them (name, age, degree etc) as well as what they buy and the price per item.


How To Vanquish Voldemort: 

As a Harry Potter fan, this one appeals to me immensely. All the data I’d collect would be found in the books/films themselves and I would probably look at depicting Voldemort’s death as a three step process (horcruxes, Harry Potter and the killing curse). Due to the fact that this topic isn’t hugely weighty in terms of numbers or statistics and that it sits quite firmly in the world of popular culture, I’d approach this infographic comedically in terms of visual styling. I’m imaging a deceased Voldemort face in the center of the composition (small ‘x’ symbols for eyes perhaps, very cartoon-like) with the contributing elements around this to form a circle or wheel. I’d also create a wand shape from letters spelling ‘avada kerdava’ (the curse which kills him in the book) and use that to anchor the infographic to the bottom of the composition.


How To Spot a Wes Anderson Film/Noir Film:

With this idea I could actually explore a multitude of films, either in terms of director styling’s or genre conventions. I have a real soft spot for Wes Anderson and Film Noir so this also would be really fun, plus both options have very clear and iconic visual stylings in their own right that I could make use of. My research and ‘data’ would obviously be a collection of common features and film devices, but I could possibly collect the opinions and assumptions of people and add a ‘comments like…’ section to the infographic.


How to spot a Wes Anderson Film:

Comments like

* “Well that was… strange…”


Basically, I just think films are fun and creating an infographic about them would be cool.



  1. andrewkhallberg · May 19, 2015

    I really like the idea of T2 Tea! Except I think if you try and fit all that information in to one infographic it could become quite clusted and hard to follow. Maybe just focusing on how to brew a good tea, or simply on the highest selling T2 Tea, it will still be interesting and won’t be so much of an information overload.
    Also, just remember it has to be a process, so I am not sure if just statistic of sales would be alright 🙂 Really like the T2 idea and will provide a aesthetically pleasing colour scheme to use!


  2. lauraataylor · June 1, 2015

    The ideas are so original! I love the idea of T2 and think that it could be down in a very clean, modern way very similar to the way T2 is branded. Visually it would be appealing and you could sue different colours for each cup of tea. The idea regarding your flatmates is awesome but I am unsure as to whether it might look too busy on a page. The voldemort idea is genus and if you can figure out a way to pull it off I would go for it! Perhaps having little figures in a circular flow around his head would be a way to keep it clean with minimal font. Having a comedic tone as you suggested would also be good.


  3. santiphaps · June 9, 2015

    I like the range of ideas that you have, they are all unique and are interesting! Just make sure you don’t over think when creating your image, dont want it to have too much infomation that it gets messy!


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